NFC Social Media Card

NFC Social Media Card

Better Reading Performance Luxury Silver Metal Hybrid One Card

Category: NFC Social Media Card

Material: Metal+Plastic

Metal Card Size: 85.5*54*1mm

NFC Size: 85.5*54mm

Frequency: 13.56MHz NFC

Read Range: 0-5cm

Craft: Engrave or print logo, encoding, QR code

ID Printer: Laser Printer / Thermal Printer / UV printer

Application: Digital business card, social business card, digital business card for professionals

MOQ: 100pcs


Better Reading Performance Luxury Silver Metal Hybrid One Card

Metal hybrid one card is made of metal and plastic with a credit card size, one side is metal material, reverse side is plastic.

With full plastic side in a credit card size, which will has a much better reading performance comparing to the small NFC size on metal card.

Metallic silver on both sides, blank silver card for your printers' personalization print for individuals' retail.

Metal and plastic side can consider the UV printer for full color print.

Metal side also can have laser printer for engraving logo.

Custom the metal hybrid one card with logos, it makes your business card stand out from others.

Digital business card share details in seconds, it is very simple and convenient.

Contact us to get more info for the metal hybrid one card.

Different types are optional.

Years experience manufacturing in RFID technology, wholesale price for the metal hybrid one card in limited offer.

How Does The Metal Hybrid One Card Works?

Website or App supported, works with Android or iOS.

Scan QR code or tap the metal hybrid one card plastic side, it directs to a specific website or app.

You have to fill your social media or business card contact details there.

When people scan or tap your metal hybrid one card, it will shows all the information that you just filled in.

And they could tap to interact with you in such an easy way.


● Security

● Convenience & slim

● No battery required

● Metallic silver

The showing pictures for your reference ONLY.


Product nameBetter Reading Performance Luxury Silver Metal Hybrid One Card
Frequency13.56MHz NFC
Operating modePassive
Read distance0-5cm
CraftEngrave or print logo, encoding, QR code
ID PrinterLaser printer, thermal printer, UV printer
ApplicationDigital business card, social business card, digital business card for professionals
SampleFree samples are available upon request
Tags: Social Media Phone Tap

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