Access Control

Access Control

RFID is applied in access control systems to allow only authorized person to enter secure spaces. RFID access control is a good choice for several uses, such as office management, hotel management, hospital management, parking etc.

The use of RFID in access control is in door entry systems for residential, hotel, office, gym etc. The RFID applications for identification usually operate at 125KHz, but some works with 13.56MHz. The information of a cardholder is stored in the RFID cards, RFID keyfob, or RFID wristbands which can contains only small pieces of information such as identification numbers, name etc.

The RFID door lock use the same technology, each RFID reader is equipped with a small antenna, which sends its own radio waves with the purpose of detecting any RFID keyfob, RFID card or RFID wristband within its range. This reading range can be vary from the frequency of the radio waves it emits. The RFID reader decodes the unique stored information being emitted from the corresponding RFID card and sends the signal to its host software, which either grants or denies access to the user.

Here are a plenty of alternative rfid products which used for RFID access control solution. Please check the suggested products as below.

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Access Control

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