Interactive Package With NFC Phones

Jul. 19, 2021

A provider of communication, security, packaging, electronics solutions has developed interactive packages that connect with smart phones via Near Field Communication (NFC) to provide digital content to consumers, such as game and music. Toppan reports, business have increasingly offered services to customers by leveraging consumer touchpoints, such as enhancing customer and purchasing experience by making use of smart phone and other digital devices in product marketing.

Interactive Package With NFC Phones

This NFC-enabled packages are designed to provide interactive customer experience linked to smart phone apps. A wireless NFC-based connection is established when a smart phone comes within few centimeter to a package, no Bluetooth pairing required. Pad-type switches embedded into the packages allow consumers to enjoy interactive experience, by pressing or tapping to produce sounds or control content on the phone screen via a compatible app. LEDs and other components can be integrated based on the purpose of conditions of use.

The packaging types could be various, such as gift boxes, paper-based packages, plastic molded and fiberboard. The smart phone provides the power for the controller via the wireless NFC connection, no need battery into the package. This power can also be used to make LEDs in the package.

The NFC technologies provides a high level of security. And it could used widely for the consumer products which provides both outstanding added value and enhanced security for packaging. Please contact us at if you have some brilliant idea to share with us.

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