What is Google Tap Review Card?

Nov. 28, 2023

When the social media business card has becoming a trendy for the new lifestyle.

A Google tap review card just came to the the market with the same NFC technology as the social business card, which your NFC-enabled phones can interact with these smart Google tap review cards.

Increase your business sales with this smart Google tap review card, it allows your customers instantly tap the card and get your Google review page to leave you a 5-star reviews. You can collect the positive reviews in few seconds.

There is no touch, just tap their phones to have the Google tap review card working.

Besides Google tap review card, it also works with Tripadvisor, Booking, Yelp etc.

Custom logo printing on the card with QR code, make sure every customer counts.

Scan the QR code or tap the Google review card, the customer will direct to the same review page.

And it helps you to grow your business fast to have a top-rate.

What is Google Tap Review Card?cid=5

What is Google Tap Review Card?cid=5

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