NFC Social Media Card

NFC Social Media Card

Custom 3K Carbon Fiber Digital Business Card with QR Code for iPhone

Category: NFC Social Media Card

Material: Carbon fiber

Size: 85.5*54*0.8mm

Frequency: 13.56MHz NFC

Read Range: 0-5cm

Craft: Print logo, individual QR code

Application: Social media or business card sharing

MOQ: 500pcs


Custom 3K Carbon Fiber Digital Business Card with QR Code for iPhone

Carbon fiber digital business card are made from a responsibly sourced 3K carbon fiber material that is very lightweight and handy.

Each carbon fiber digital business card has a re-programmable smart chip on it.

Our carbon fiber digital business card is made of 0.8mm thick cards have the durability of stainless steel while maintaining the lightness of plastic. The natural carbon fibre pattern creates a beautiful light-reflecting illusion that adds dimension and beauty to the digital business card.

Individual QR code on each card, branding logo print on the card, customers are able to access your information by simply tapping their NFC-enabled smart phone to your business card. It comply with iPhone or Android NFC-enable smart phones. No apps needed for this solution.

Comparing to the out-of-date business card, they are often to thrown away and contact details can't be updated. Instead, the innovative way to share your business card information will impress your friends and clients. The digital business card is easier, faster and cooler way to share your contact info. Share your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin contact details instantly for every potential opportunity. It's easy to use and handy.

Custom card packaging is welcome.

How Does the Carbon Fiber Digital Business Card Works?

Website or App supported, works with Android or iOS.

Scan QR code or tap carbon fiber digital business card, it directs to a specific website or app.

You have to fill your social media or business card contact details there.

When people scan or tap your business card nfc, it will shows all the information that you just filled in.

And they could tap to interact with you in such an easy way.


● Instant contact

● Custom branding

● All-in-one

● Unlimited taps

The showing pictures for your reference ONLY.

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Product nameCustom 3K Carbon Fiber Digital Business Card with QR Code for iPhone
Material3K Carbon fiber
Frequency13.56MHz NFC
Operating modePassive
Read distance0-5cm
CraftPrint logo, individual QR code
ApplicationSocial media or business card sharing
SampleFree samples are available upon request
Tags: Social Media Phone Tap

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