Security Patrol

Security Patrol

For the security guard patrol, the conventional guard tour device are replacing with NFC enabled Android smart phone. Position and register RFID coin tag at specific patrol routes' locations. Patrolling security guards only need to tap their smart phones at the RFID coin tag to report at every checkpoint.

Guards on duty are able to view all routes and checkpoints assigned to them before starting with their patrolling task. Once patrolling duty started, the app will show the next checkpoint for the guards to follow.

The guard tap the RFID coin tag using the smart phone, the app opens automatically and the data is sent to the cloud. Optionally, the guard can report an incident (burglary, forced door, damage etc). It is real-time monitoring, you know precisely what every guard is ding, the last checkpoint visited, how many tags did he tap, what incidents he reported.

Here are a plenty of alternative RFID coin tag which used for RFID security patrol solution. Please check the suggested products as below.

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Security Patrol

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