Ticketing & Event

Ticketing & Event

Near Field Communication (NFC) has made a huge impact in the live events. Contactless NFC technology is allowing festival organizers to improve their operational efficiency across the board, and collect the information for the marketing.

The out-of-date paper ticketing couldn't meet the requirement for the live events. It's unsafe and easily to lost or damaged. The crowd control procedure is very important for the events. The NFC products could save the queue time and preventing the fraud tickets.

For the event management, one of the biggest impacts which NFC has made on festivals comes in cashless payment. Audiences just tap their NFC wristband, NFC card, NFC key tag etc to the reader, the transaction will be done as the same way that you swipe your smart phone.

And benefits also apply from the organizers - bar and catering staff no longer have to deal with cash, as attendees typically top up their NFC wristband, NFC card or NFC key tag with a desired amount of cash. All they need to do is just tap. If they run out of their their funds , it just takes a quick trip to a top-up station to replenish the money on the NFC wristband, NFC card or NFC key tag.

Here are a plenty of alternative NFC products which used for NFC ticketing & event solution. Please check the suggested products as below.

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